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New version of to be launched on 29 November 2022


During the downtime, on 29 November 2022 between 7 am and 9 am, the website and its software interfaces are temporarily unavailable.

Key changes:

  • TRACE (WRP101 and WRP102) changes to the Ilmoitin 11/2022 version:
    • A few check routines were corrected.
  • A change to the VSTULLER data file specification:
    • New OSI-decision type (Decision on customs debt regarding temporary admission with partial relief from import duty) as of 5 November 2022 & field format correction N3 -> AN3.
  • Correction to the English-language version of tax-at-source (TAS) attachments:
    • An error that prevented the submittal of attachments in English was corrected.
  • CbC/DAC4 / Annual changes:
    • A notification of reporting obligation for 2023 can be given.
  • Personal ID reform 2023:
    • The implementation has been changed in such a way that the new-format personal IDs are accepted if they are issued during 2023.
Note to those who use the Excels available on the Templates page:
  • Microsoft has tightened the protection settings for Excel macros in Excel version 2208. The user must enable Excel macros separately in accordance with the following instructions: Instructions