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New version of will be launched on 28 November 2023


During the version update, on 28 November 2023 from 7 am to 9 am, the website and the software interfaces will be temporarily unavailable.

Key changes:

  • TRACE (WRP101 and WRP102) changes:
    • New Business IDs are added to the register of authorised intermediaries
    • A check is added to the XML`s Summary section: a check will be made against the database to see whether CorrDocRefId already exists in the database.
    • A check is added to the BirthDate element if WhtRate is less than 35%
  • CbC/DAC4 / Annual changes:
    • A notification of reporting obligation can be submitted for 2024
    • The following changes to the country-by-country report:
      • New reports can be filed and corrections to previously filed reports can be made within 6 years from the beginning of the year following the end year of the accounting period.
      • In ReportingEntity/ReportingRole CBC704, a check will be made to ensure that the MessageSpec/Warning element contains a TIN in the format ";UltimateParentEntityTIN:12345678;" and that the name of the ultimate parent entity is in the format ";UltimateParentEntityName:the name of the company;"
      • Only one Address structure for the reporting entity (ReportingEntity/Entity/Address) and the constituent entities (ConstEntities/ConstEntity/Address) can be reported
      • Only one ReportingEntity/Entity/Name element is permitted
      • The maximum number for ConstEntities/ConstEntity/Name elements is two